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In the future there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders!
— Sheryl Sandberg
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“Viktoria really knows leadership inside and out, there's no arguing that, but perhaps more importantly than that, she can make it accessible and valuable to absolutely anyone. At first, I didn't think that her skills would apply to me because I didn't see myself as a leader. Viktoria helped me not only to own the leadership roles I already have, but also to begin to prepare myself to take on even larger ones. Her own brand of compassionate but effective leadership is truly inspiring, and I am so grateful for the ways she pushes me to the next level.”


Giorgia Soldà,

Medical Doctor

“Viki is an incredible and innovative trainer; I had the opportunity to co-train with her the Essential Leadership Skills Online Training last year and it was absolutely inspiring seeing how she could manage and adapt her knowledge and skills to the trainees' needs. You would be lucky to be trained by her!”

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