Lead Today Shape tomorrow is built around the philosophy that we are all leaders. You do not need a specific title or position to call yourself a leader, but can engage people and make something happen at any stage in your life - whether you're a High-School student, a stay-at-home mom, an entrepreneur or the CEO of a big company. My offerings are designed to elevate your life and your career and to enable you to be the confident, skilled leader you were meant to be.

Lead today. Shape tomorrow. 

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Why are leadership skills important?

Developing women's leadership skills and empowering us to face the diverse challenges head on makes all the difference: Research shows that companies with a diverse and inclusive leadership team improve their bottom line by 19%. Nonetheless, only about 5% of CEOs in Fortune500 companies are women! (Link) I'm excited to contribute towards changing that! Strong leadership skills will enable you to handle any crisis you encounter quickly and effectively, be more self-confident and get ahead faster in your personal as well as your professional life.

Leadership skills include strong decision-making skills, time management, the ability to adapt to and work with people from different cultures, strategic, long term thinking, and so much more. Developing any or all of these can give you an entirely new approach to solving problems and a new outlook on your life. Something, that you will benefit from throughout and in all your life. 

Don't wait until you're thrown into the pit and desperately need these skills - start developing them NOW.

Leadership Coach Viktoria

Meet Viktoria, Leadership Coach and Trainer.

Born-and raised Austrian, she started working as a Trainer with a focus on leadership skills in 2015 and has since travelled all over Europe working with people from around the world and helping them to develop their skillset and find their voice as a leader.

Her first experience as a Leader was teaching children from four to ten how to ski and she has since gained experience as a Trainer and Leader in a multitude of (student) organizations such as JADE, AIESEC, AEGEE or IFMSA.

Viktoria holds an MSc in International Management from Trinity College Dublin and has lived and studied in Peru, Ireland and the Netherlands. She’s an avid traveler, a skiing instructor for children and loves photography, scuba diving and anything adventurous.

Let’s work together!

Can't find the service you're looking for on our website? I'm happy to personalize my offerings to your specific needs! Shoot me a message at viktoria@leadtodayshapetomorrow.com and I'm let's see whether my skillset is a match for your goals