The five Leadership Skills you will need to shape Tomorrow

The five Leadership Skills you need to develop Today to shape tomorrow

Our world is changing faster than ever before. Rapid acceleration in technology, globalization and the changes our planet is going through right now will require us to adapt our approach to leadership and refocus our understanding of what are essential leadership skills. We are moving from an individualized, merely merit-focused approach, towards a more sustainable and community-oriented approach. Leadership skills can be developed and honed, just like any other skill and we believe curating the skills on this list will give you an edge in the leadership world today and tomorrow.

Big Picture Vision

Learn to communicate your vision and make stakeholders your partners from the very start. While this is not a new approach, it is becoming more important than ever before. A leader’s stakeholders include not only shareholders and investors, but also the community within which he or she operates, the environment, employees, suppliers, etc. Involve them early and strategically and make your vision their vision!

Cultural Intelligence

As our world is becoming more and more globalized, personal and professional environments are becoming increasingly diverse. This means that pure book-learned business knowledge will only get you so far. The ability to adapt to different cultural environments and to expertly navigate diverse social settings will become critical for effective leadership. Understanding and leveraging these differences will give you the edge you need to become successful in a globalized world.

Emotional Intelligence

The days are long gone when a leader could enforce a blanket policy once every light-year and expect continuous, strong and positive results. With a workforce as diverse as it is today, acknowledging the differences between team members and giving each member the attention they need has become a necessity. Individual attention and understanding what your team members and followers are going through are crucial to motivate and inspire them.

Steadiness and Flexibility

While this seems like a contradiction at first, a great leader will need both in the future, dependent on the situation at hand. Leaders will need flexibility to stay on top of the industry and adapt quickly to changes in the marketplace. On the other hand, team members and followers will need you to be consistent in your actions and decisions and be a good role model for the values and ethics you want your team members to live by.

Authenticity and Courage

Being authentic and courageous will require you to know yourself and your values and be confident in the choices you make. However, it will allow you to be honest, become clear on your vision and follow your intuition with clarity and confidence. Admitting faults and asking for guidance and advice can be challenging, but it will be crucial to become a successful leader. Every team member has gifts to share and showing that you value them will give them the courage to share more of them. Similarly, if you admit your faults and mistakes, you show your followers that it is okay to make mistakes and that you can learn from them and do better next time.

Shape Tomorrow

While those skills might not always be the first ones you think of when thinking about “Leadership Skills”, they will be invaluable to you and your team in the long run. The world we live in nowadays requires us to rethink a lot of long-held attitudes and leadership is one of them. We hope that qualities such as the ones in this post will help propel us into a more sustainable and inclusive future. It’s about time we take charge and shape tomorrow to be a better world.