Why Values could be a Leaders most valuable assets

Why Values could be a Leaders most valuable assets

Who are you as a leader? Every one of us has values – however, if they are not clearly defined and you are unaware of them, it is easier to ignore them or act in ways that are not consistent with our values. This can lead to inconsistent decisions, which confuses and alienates your team members and followers. However, when clearly defined, your values can become your most valuable tool! Since we all have them anyways, we might as well make use of them, right?

This blog post does not intend to tell you which values are “better” than others or which are “the best” for a leader – something like that does not exist and would be a fruitless endeavor to undertake. We simply aim to entice you to start thinking about your values.

How your values can make you a more effective and confident leader:

  • Decision Making

Your values can help you take big and small decisions quicker, easier and, most importantly, more confidently. If you run the tough decisions you have to make against the set of values you have developed for yourself, the once so difficult decision often seems easy. Sometimes there really is only one option that makes sense when basing your decision on your values!

  • Clarity

Understanding your values means understanding who you are as a leader as well as as a person. Using your values as a starting points can help you understand your goals, it can help you focus on the things that truly matter and it can help you be more productive in achieving those goals.

  • Consistency

One of the most valued leadership qualities across teams is consistency. A leader who is dependable and who will stick to his principles and values is a leader of whom team members know what to expect. You acting in line with your values means that your team members will trust you more. They will know what you are looking for in their work and what your deal breakers are. Knowing and acting in line with your values, will help you as well as your team members as it will create a positive and productive atmosphere within your team and enable you to more easily reach your goals.

  • Passion

Leading from your values means leading with passion. Your values are the basis around which you as a person have built your life. They are the spark that give fire to your passions. When you lead from your values, you speak with passion. People will be more likely to not only hear but listen to your message and you will be more successful in your personal and professional life.

Start working on your Values today!

So take half an hour out of your day, make yourself a good cup of coffee or tea and start writing down and outlining your three to five core values that all your decisions and actions can be traced down to. We recommend performing this exercise on a regular basis (at least once a year, ideally every three months to half a year) since values can and do change as we learn new things and develop ourselves personally and professionally.